“Strive for continuous improvement instead of perfection”

Every one of us lie in the domain of perfection, the range till which we can go is dependent on our perseverance, focus and determination.

You cannot fully achieve perfection but can tend to become to become perfectionist. Absolute perfection is a hypothetical thought which doesn’t exist.

Great minds have travelled the road of becoming perfectionist, but every time they achieve something they discover something is lacking in themselves . Every time they got better, their path towards perfection also got more harder and smarter.

Hence, we have to remember that the there is no one who can be perfect. We only improve after each our success, hoping someday we will break those limits of becoming perfect.

What do you think my friends??


9 thoughts on “Perfection

    Perfection a gaol, nature the closest
    It’s creation, beauty, its self-perceived
    Us humans we do endeavour, failing
    Err artists whose hands are guided
    Perfection personified yet oft denied
    Perfection in peace, a hope, a prayer
    Let’s all pray together for perfection
    In love, in peace, all hate deceased!
    Β© MET 17/66

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      1. The beauty of nature lies in its imperfection
        The beauty of humans lies in their imperfection
        The imperfectly perfect world is itself a beauty
        Always the power decides who is perfect and who is not
        Yet we strive to perfectly perfect our little imperfect world
        The rights are always wrong and wrong is always right
        Always wrong your rights
        But in the pursuit ,don’t forget because of wrong you learned the right.

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